Fearlessly Creating

Three years ago I felt very alone. For reasons I won’t go into now my inner circle of friends had imploded. My children were no longer babies and they demanded less of my time. It was a slow and messy process, this waking up to myself and my need to create.

Three years ago I took a risk and invited virtual strangers to a bar. Four of us met in a quiet booth and shared our dreams and hearts’ desires: to create in community.

Redbud was born.

Today, Redbud Writers Guild is a growing movement of women who wish to fearlessly expand the feminine voice in our communities, churches and in culture. God has brought together a diverse, dynamic and talented posse of women. You know the verse, the one that says God will give you more than you can ever dream or imagine? I have watched this unfold with Redbud. And this is just the beginning.

From inception, Redbud has had a very special internal culture. It was important for the founding members Redbud be a safe place for women. A room of our own. A place of freedom and expression. A place where we can say what we know, adding our voices to challenge injustice, poverty, oppression — things we find fundamentally dishonest and untrue — in the world.

Redbud’s Vision, Mission and Values flow from these convictions. And, to be honest, they flow from past wounds with both men and women, in personal and professional spheres, where competition corroded relationship and killed voice.

Here is what we are about. It is why, today, I am not alone and I can fearlessly create:

Our Vision
We envision a vibrant and diverse movement of women who—in community—create and influence culture and faith.

Our Mission
Redbud nurtures a network and community of women who create rather than merely consume. We are a group of writers and communicators who publish, speak and blog to empower women to use their voices to be world-changers. We are committed to supporting all Redbud members. We create and maintain community by meeting regularly, connecting through social media outlets, and networking through our various channels of influence.

Redbud provides women with needed support and tools to be effective writers and communicators in today’s world such as manuscript and media mentoring and review, networking, writing conferences, blogging opportunities, resources, camaraderie and community.

Our Values

As a community of Christ-following women, we recognize the wide diversity of theological convictions existing both today and across history. We believe by creating in community our faith journeys will continue to unfold. We encourage all Redbud Writers Guild members to uphold their individual faith traditions and honor one another. To this end, we invite all Redbud members to embrace the wisdom of St. Augustine: “In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; and in all things, charity.”

We value the feminine perspective too often silenced or dismissed in our world. We have a heart for women. Redbud desires to empower women to use their voices and recognize their influence.

We believe safety is foundational to the creative process and we strive to make Redbud a safe place. This includes a spirit of non-competition.

We celebrate and respect our unity amidst our diversity. We believe being part of a collective voice helps to amplify our individual voices.

Understanding we are all flawed, we covenant with one another to respect each other’s differences and to never represent Redbud in a way that might be harmful to another member. We covenant always to speak well of one another, especially in public circles. We are committed to promoting each other’s work. As a covenant group, we see ourselves as a fellowship, a sorority, a tight community. We take our mission and vision seriously, and we strive to present Redbud and its members in this light.

Our new site highlights all these remarkable women. Join our newsletter. Bookmark Redbud and watch us grow.

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