What You Can Do For Japan Now

I rejoice as a four month old baby is found in the rubble and returned to her parents.

I feel the fear and panic of the mother clutching her young son perched on an overlook as the monster devours their town.

I am sorrowful for the mother separated from her daughter when they opened the door of their home and the water overtook them.

My mother’s heart aches for the chaos, loss, and terror other mothers and families have experienced this week. Japan is a wealthy and developed nation with a sophisticated crisis response plan but in these moments of crisis it is the poor and the vulnerable, in any society, who fall through the cracks and bear much of the burden of the crisis.

What can I do? I’ve been praying, tweeting and facebooking to raise awareness. I follow World Vision’s blog. World Vision is one of the world’s largest humanitarian organizations with an impressive network on the ground. World Vision is always one of the first responders to a crisis worldwide.

Today World Vision is bringing supplies to those left homeless by the tsunami. They have organized teams to go into communities to identify those in the greatest need. They explain:

“As a relief agency that focuses on children, we have to respond and are raising money to support our teams already on the ground. They are now bringing supplies to those who have lost everything and setting up safe play areas for children. It is vital that children in these situations can have somewhere safe to go and can be looked after by trained counsellors who can help them come to terms with all that has happened.”

Here are some tangible things you can do now to support those suffering in Japan:

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